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Instructions

types:

  • Student: Individuals signing into their personal profile ---username is the email linked to your account (may have been provided to us by your or your company.)
  • Company: Company representatives signing into their company profile --username has been provided to you; if you don't know it, please contact us
  • Staff: CVTC staff members-- username is usually the same as your CVTC username
  • Instructor: CVTC instructors --username is your full CVTC email

If your profile exists but you don't know your username or password, choose Forgot Username or Forgot Password to have it emailed to you. 

Expired Email Links
If you are attempting to complete a partial profile that was started for you, but you need to complete, enter the email address that was used, click Forgot Password, follow the prompts.  Click the new link provided in your email and follow prompts to complete your full profile.

If you need assistance, please contact our registration staff at 715-874-4676.

Sign In

Use your username and password to sign in here. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

New Students

Click Create New Profile to create your own username, password and profile.